10K Payday

How I had my first $15k Launch and so can you! | taught by Julia Slike

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In this step-by-step  master class  I will show you my own personal case study of how in 30 days last year I…
• grew my facebook from 92 people to 500 in 2 weeks
• grew my email list by 300% without fb ads
• had my first $10k payday (money in the bank)
• created recurring income of $1k per month for 6 months
• gave myself a $500 cash injection
• nurtured a tribe of raving fans
• gained clients for life

If you’re business is at a stand-still or you are new and don’t want to waste time learning things the hard way… this guide could literally save your sanity…. not to mention a CRAP-TON of time-money-tears!!!!

There is a 90-min Master Class HERE where I will guide you through this case-study.

At the end you will have everything you need to go out and create the same results for your business -- and if you want my help there will be an option for that too!

77-playbook showing you EXACTLY what I did... word for word!

Love, live, give, inspire!
Julia ;)

Julia Slike
Julia Slike
Business Coach + Brand Designer

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